WrinkleJex™ can be injected into facial muscles in order to improve the appearance of "wrinkles in motion". These are wrinkles that are formed by muscle movement. Although the lower part of the face may be treated as well, physicians learning to perform these injections should concentrate on mastering the techniques of injection the upper face before attempting to inject the lower face. The techniques for injecting the upper part of the face are described here. It is important to remember that treating a patient's wrinkles with WrinkleJex™ requires knowledge, practice and an aesthetic eye. WrinkleJex™ can also be used to elevate the brows, resulting in a more youthful appearance. This has been referred to in the literature as a chemical brow lift. The technique of lifting the brow includes injection of the glabellar area as described in the brow furrow section. To treat forehead lines: inject 0.1cc (4 WrinkleJex™ units) across the forehead as shown in the figure. WrinkleJex™ injections in the forehead can dramatically affect eyebrow shape, therefore, prior to injecting the forehead it is necessary to consider whether you want to enhance the arch of the eyebrow or if you want the eyebrow to be more horizontal.