Concentrated Ewe Placenta Capsule
A truly effective skin care system to enhance beauty from the inside. Cherro Concentrated Ewe Placenta Capsule is the only complete beauty care system that rejuvenates the body from within. The Cherro Ewe Placenta Cell assists in the revitalization and activation process, while maintaining amino acid, nucleic acid ammonium and various vitamins revitalize important bodily functions. It also prevents aging besides enhancing natural beauty. SOD Vitamin X, another extraction from fresh ewe placenta, is able to prevent wrinkles, enhance skin elasticity, promote youthfulness and vigor while bringing a healthy glow to skin.
Twice a day (morning and evening), 2 capsules each time for an empty stomach, 15 days period of treatment showing effect after two periods of treatment.
Ewe Placenta Power, B. Pollen, Glucose, Royal Jelly and Vitamin C