Important Notice
1 October 2007

(Jakarta Oct 2007) According to a reliable source in Jakarta, we have justified that there are numbers of sales person offering fake Chérro vit c and Chérro LC extract II ampoules in the market. The content of those fake product are unknown and it may cause serious side effects. Our specialist advice to discontinues immediately if you are using it and discard those fake products once identified its not genuine as it could contain toxins. If you have purchased Chérro products and doubt about it, please do not hesitate to contact Chérro Indonesia Sole Distributor located at Prisma Kedoya Plaza. We view this as a serious matter. Chérro Switzerland and its associates is prepared to take all legal actions necessary to combats intellectual property theft.

Chérro Switzerland Management
www.Ché CosmoBeauté Asia 2007 16-19 July 2007

CosmoBeauté Asia 2007 is set to be the largest international showcase for cosmetics, hair, beauty and spa products in South East Asia. Packed with the latest products and technology brought in by some 400 exhibiting companies from 25 countries around the world. We are proud to say that we are one of the participants. Through the years the company has grown rapidly under the guidance of its Asian founder, Ms. Sheila Tung who has continued to introduce the latest golden product ranges for the benefit of its ever growing list of clients.